Business idea

Sibbhultsverken works according to the highest productivity and quality demands in the global heavy vehicle market. Our customer focus aims at the right quality at the right time.
The co-workers competence and efficient machinery are two cornerstones in order to meet customer demands.
The prerequisite is continual work with continuous improvements of managements systems, processes and products.


In efficient flows, Sibbhultsverken manufacture geometrically complex components thet meet the highest demands of the industri. Sibbhultsverken is the preferred alternative when selecting a supplier within maching.


Sibbhultsverken´s vision is “World class production”. “World class production” means the highest possible value created through the highest possible effiency in all functions and processes. “World class production” should permeate all operations. Regardless of the process, the question should always be asked – The vision “World class production” is fulfilled in all parts of the process.

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