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Sibbhultsverken AB is a privately owned independent company. We develop efficient methods for quality inspections, production controls, machine technology, logistics and maintenance. Aiming at highest possible customer focus, we work in four buisness areas directly linked to the production lines with shared development resources.

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Qualified machining

Sibbhultsverken carries out qualified machining, product development and assembley for heavy vehicles, machinery for mining, building and construction. Multi-operational machining of complicated parts is combined with specialist competence and development of cutting data and work methods.

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Right quality at the right time

We machine aluminum, steel, nodular iron and cast iron. The concept "Right from me" with delivery of the right products at the right time is the basis for all our work. We reach our goals trough the most extended opening hours on the market, daily controls, competent and comitted co-workers, world class maintenance, high availability and modern machines.

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